Good Deed, Bad Deed

Over the more than 12 years that I’ve been writing this column, I have offered up numerous reasons why a non-lawyer should not write and/or execute his or her own deed.   Examples include the fact that adding someone not presently on the title is interpreted as an irrevocable gift of a portion of the […]

If they can rip off William Webster…..

they can rip off anyone. “I was a federal judge,”  William Webster said.  “I was the director of the FBI, director of the CIA, and I was the target of an elder fraud scheme.”  Mr. Webster is older now, actually 98.  He and his wife Lynda Webster were scared to death by someone who called […]

Fraud, Fraud, FRAUD!

Travels through Real Estate Law by Tom Brodersen, Esq.   It’s part of the tragedy of our times that you can no longer assume that you are being given true, reliable information in so many situations.   One can argue that it starts in the media, where so many advertising messages are aimed at consumers […]

Business Realities

Over the course of 2020, the Covid-19 crisis has prompted many different reactions, in both consumer and business behavior.  Business people have been extremely creative in their solutions to the challenges presented, some more successful than others. Just as individuals have tired of the never-ending challenge, so have business owners.  This situation has lasted long […]

About Advanced Directives

This is a controversial subject, so be warned. I am not writing this to upset people, just to focus attention on an important issue. We have never advised our clients to execute Advanced Directives (AKA Living Wills). Our involvement in the Terri Schiavo case has caused us to talk to a great many doctors and […]

Seller Beware

Recently there was an article on the front page of the paper about a buyer who got out of a contract to buy a multi-million dollar home by suing the seller, just days before closing. It turned out that the buyer never had the ability to close, but managed to finesse the agents into showing [...]

Wild Ride!

It is perhaps a huge understatement to suggest that Florida businesses and property owners have seen their share of excitement in recent decades, but flexible, determined entrepreneurs have always found a way through it all. Remember the early ‘80s when the interest rates skyrocketed?  In a misguided effort to fight inflation, the Federal Reserve drove [...]

Operations during COVID-19 Crisis

WORKING TOGETHER THROUGH THESE CHALLENGING TIMES   All of America (and the entire world) is coming to grips with the dramatic changes to our personal lives, employment status and economic circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 virus. Here in Florida, we are learning that we are no more immune to this storm than anyone else.  […]

FEMA Basics

Get Real about Property! Travels through Real Estate Law by Tom Brodersen, Esq.   FEMA Basics     Every month we see more chaos in the lives of buyers and sellers of real estate as a result of the FEMA rules.  That is partly because of FEMA regulation is evolving.  Early enforcement was weak, but […]

Love Is Not Enough

LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH We live in an age where people have the freedom to live their lives in many different ways. Some make the choice to forego getting married, even though they are in committed relationships which they intend to honor. Having felt the great pain of going through a divorce, they don’t want […]