A real estate closing is the final implementation of the terms of the Contract for Purchase and Sale between Buyer and Seller. All of the details of that contract are put into effect at closing, with final documents that transfer the interests of the parties, accounting for and disbursements of funds, and the issuance of title insurance to protect the ownership interest of the Buyer in the property as well as the lender’s security interest.

The role of the closer and title agent is to strictly follow the terms of the real estate contract and the instructions of the mortgage lender in preparing and conducting the closing. This necessarily places that firm in a neutral position between the parties. When we serve as closer and title agent, we scrupulously honor that duty. That does not prevent us from sharing our knowledge about the transaction equally and fairly with the parties.

Especially in this day and age, when you make a personal investment in real estate, it’s only natural that you care about any pic05-Residential-Commercial-Closingsnumber of things: not just the convenience of having talented, experienced assistance handling the complex logistics of preparing for and conducting the closing; but mature judgment and in-depth technical knowledge in evaluating the safety of your chain of title; and the skill, experience and knowledge required to reliably cure any defects encountered in the process. The peace of mind gained by knowing your interests are being professionally protected by an attorney lasts long after the closing has passed.

In this environment of novel challenges in the real estate marketplace, such as widespread defaults, mortgage foreclosures, insurance market complications, and multiple changes in the regulatory environment, you need the additional assurance you get from the greater commitment, education and experience a lawyer who has spent his career focused on real estate and property law brings to the table.

How can a real estate lawyer help you? In addition to the basics of drafting or reviewing contracts, agreements and other paperwork and conducting the title search and examination, we can achieve even more, by leading your team of real estate professionals throughout your transaction, in order to save you time, anquish and money.

Engaging an attorney to oversee your real estate transaction probably won’t cost any more than going unrepresented. And we pledge ourselves to meet or beat the prices of any title company or law firm in the market.