Finding a dream home is only the beginning of the process of purchasing real estate. A home is one of the most substantial investments an individual will make in the course of Florida Real Estate Lawtheir life, so getting advice from a qualified attorney is critical if you want to guarantee satisfaction with your purchasing experience.

Our law practice is founded on the principal of offering service that exceeds your expectations. Our boutique law firm puts an emphasis on our clients’ needs. We prioritize time with our clients, which in turn gives us the ability to represent your position in a way that effectively obtains the results you need.

We have been practicing law for over 30 years, using our legal knowledge and specialized experience within the state of Florida to ensure that our clients’ transactions occur without a hitch. Does this mean that we shy away from litigation? Far from it! Unlike lawyers who avoid or dislike court, members of our practice are skilled litigators who enjoy – and excel at – litigation. We know our way around the courts and want to put this knowledge to use on your behalf.

No matter where you’re looking to buy property in Florida, using a qualified real estate lawyer ensures that as your purchase takes place, someone who knows the system inside and out is representing your interests. A qualified lawyer like those at Property Law Group will draft a contract and closing documents, conduct title searches, and take care of problems encountered along the way. For those who already own property and are looking to earn extra income by renting a house or apartment, a real estate attorney can be of additional service, drafting leases and helping you indemnify yourself against some forms of liability.

When it comes to homes and other property investments, having a real estate attorney on your side can mean the difference between a painless process and one that’s fraught with danger and misguided choices. By involving Property Law Group in the process of your real estate or property transaction as early in the process as possible, you can give yourself an additional layer of protection against an already complicated system.

Our small, family-operated law firm works in all areas of law with the exception of taxation, bankruptcy and divorce practice.

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