When you’ve been the victim of an accident or crime, you have a right to demand compensation for the pain and suffering – not to mention material loss – that you’ve suffered. This is particularly true in cases where your ability to earn a livelihood has been compromised, whether in the short or long term. In cases such as these, criminal charges may be filed – but often times victims also have the opportunity to file civil suit in order to receive monetary compensation for the harm they have been caused by another.
Even though fighting for compensation may seem overwhelming at a time when you and your loved ones are already trying to deal with a difficult injury, seeking assistance from a personal injury lawyer – as soon after your initial injury as possible – can mean the difference between being able to keep a roof over your head and being personally responsible for days, weeks, months or even years of hospital, physical therapy treatment and home assistance bills.

This is why it’s so important that injured parties contact competent legal assistance as soon as they realize they have been wronged – so that someone who has a cool head and an external perspective on the matter can help you navigate a process fraught with pitfalls.

That’s where Anderson & Brodersen, P.A. comes in. We’ve been practicing law in Florida since 1982, and we have a track record of success with personal injury cases, and will work with you to be aware of your needs – both financial and emotional – throughout the process. As a small, family-owned-and-operated business, Property Law Group takes the time to get to know our clients, with attorneys spending as much time as necessary to make sure your interests are being championed.

Personal Injury law is an area where court appearances and litigation are not uncommon. Our clients benefit from our love of litigating and our passion for defending their rights. We relish the opportunity to go in front of a courtroom and demonstrate why our client’s point of view is the correct one. We’ve come to learn that often times, court is where the tables can be turned in favor of someone who has been disadvantaged, and we work hard to make sure that’s the case for our clients.

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