Operations during COVID-19 Crisis



All of America (and the entire world) is coming to grips with the dramatic changes to our personal lives, employment status and economic circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 virus.

Here in Florida, we are learning that we are no more immune to this storm than anyone else.  The changes are coming so swiftly that it is dizzying!

The Pinellas County Commission has, of course, passed their “Safer at Home” resolution, which closes many businesses, but many others are exempt as “essential services.”

This includes law firms, to the extent that they comply with the CDC’s social distancing requirements, which we absolutely do (along with all other best practices to protect the public), so we will remain open during normal business hours during the pandemic.

The courts are still operating, and we will continue to diligently represent our clients, in both civil and criminal matters.

During this time of rapid change and uncertainty, many people will find themselves in immediate need of changes to their estate plans, wills or trusts, or desirous of making adjustments to the title to their real estate.  Buyers and sellers will still need help negotiating sale contracts, leases and other real estate and business agreements.

We have numerous real estate closings in progress, and those transactions will be skillfully handled as ever.

Every member of our team appreciates the honor of your business and will work diligently to assure that your visit to our office will be safe and pleasant at this difficult time.  Helping people is what we do, and we love doing it.

As ever, there is no charge for initial consultations on the full range of issues we are equipped to handle, which include real estate law, title insurance, and closings, estate planning, wills and trusts, probate, civil litigation, personal injury, DUI representation and other criminal matters, and recommending the most capable, reliable practitioners in other fields in which we don’t practice.

Of course, we’re giving our employees scheduling flexibility, so please call before visiting our office.  Stay calm.  Like all past challenges, we’ll get through this together.

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