Hurricane Readiness


When comparing properties, it is obvious that masonry, especially cement block (or even solid concrete) construction is more resistant to hurricane-strength winds and other storm effects than frame houses.

No matter how sturdy a home may appear, if the roof blows off in a storm, the likelihood that the structure will fail generally is greatly increased, and it will likely be a total loss.  Hurricane straps are metal straps that firmly connect each roof truss and beam to each other and to the walls are very effective in keeping roofs on buildings during all but the most powerful storms.

South Florida building standards in place for many years required the following structural elements:

Concrete foundations with steel reinforcement

Concrete slab floors with steel mesh reinforcement

Concrete block walls steel re-bar vertical members, with cement poured through the wall at building corners and every X feet along walls

A solid-poured top of wall concrete collar around the perimeter of the structure, containing steel reinforcement

The physical joining of the steel reinforcing elements of each part of the structure with each other.

Roof trusses constructed of a minimum of 2 X 6 members

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