Civil Litigation

Successful civil litigation can well be described as many months of tedious manuevering through the highly technical thickets of pleading, motions and discovery practice, followed by skillful trial diplomacy. Throughout the process, thoughtful planning for the possible settlement of the issue must be done, as settlement is frequently in the best interest of the client, and, indeed, most cases ultimately settle.If this sounds difficult and expensive to you, that is generally true. Litigation is a very expensive undertaking, and is difficult for most people to afford. In order to make litigating more affordable for our clients, we work efficiently, and bill sparingly. Fortunately, the decades of experience which Pat Anderson brings to the task gives her the sure-footed knowledge of the process which makes that possible. Listening carefully to our clients’ goals and expectations also facilitates “cutting to the chase,” to avoid pointless squabbling about issues which aren’t truly important.

Many firms use paralegals to do tasks which require the mature judgment of a skillful lawyer, ultimately wasting time, effort and expense. Our attorneys do nearly all of their own pleading, drafting and correspondence to keep the focus on central issues sharp, contributing to the most efficient handling of your matter. Our paralegals are very talented, but it is the attorneys of Anderson & Brodersen, P.A. who truly guide your case through the process, and we stress excellent direct communication with our clients.

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